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CDS Logo

We were asked to come up with a simple and strong logo design for a drainage company named Complete Drainage Services. Clearly it needed to be fitting to a hands on and professional trade such as drain services so we obviously bypassed any soft or overly intricate designs and steered well clear of pastel colours and anything to pretentious. We settled on a classic and traditional font and decided to use only the abbreviated initials of the company to make it easier for headed paper and vans and so on. However it still needed a little something to give it a little originality and hint to what the service was so we decided to incorporate a water drop silhouette placed inside the curve of the letter c of the logo. This gave the logo a little more substance. We think you’ll agree when it comes to blocked drains it can be tricky to think of anything overly attractive or artistic to use in branding or advertising so a water drop felt like a safe bet and an easily understandable and recognisable one at that! If you are in need of their expertise why not take a look at their website:

Blocked drains London CDS Logo


Another little site that we have put together is E-Mondial which is a useful recommendation website for plumbing services in various locations in Plymouth county, Massachusetts, USA. at present it details the best or most highly regarded Plumbers in Wareham MA and also for another town in the area Duxbury MA.

For the site logo we decided to firstly keep it very simply and practical looking. We also decided that a blue colouring would be the most suitable for a plumbing themed service as it obviously implies water. We settled on a darker almost electric blue which contains hints of purple. This was the only colour used as the logo will in most cases be placed on to a white background so the contrast would always be quite strong. For the site favicon we used the capital E of the logo but placed it within a matching coloured circle with a clear backing. I think the effect we were going for is projected quite well and since this is a practice site so only a creative exercise we didn’t really want to spend too much time and certainly minimal money of the designs.

plumber in plymouth county To finish the logo off a rounded rectangle was positioned around the text to give the image a stamp kind of look. We think it is a nice and recognizable design and purveys the intended image and purpose.

Click VM

Click V M is another one of our clients who we designed a bespoke logo for. They are essentially a website search engine optimization company, helping businesses attain better results within the search engines but they also provide web design and video creation and marketing services.  With this in mind along with the fact their company name is Click we decided to incorporate a cursor in to the design so settled upon using a black cursor outline as the backing and the basis for the design. After this we played around with a few different variations using reds and greens and greys but none of them felt right or gave the desired effect so eventually we settled on a mustard kind of yellow with a little gold for the click writing which is layered across the cursor outline set in a bold thick font. To complete the design we needed to incorporate a third and final element as the logo still looked somewhat sparse.  We decided to use black again but for a circle placed under the click writing. Within this we incorporated the v m part of the name white to stand out as clearly as possible.

Click logo

We produced several variants of the design including a clear png format which can be placed on multiple coloured backgrounds. We enjoyed making this logo and feel that the final outcome was a success, we decided however to design a slightly different additional image for the website’s favicon as the main logo had to much shape variation and was not suitable for such a tiny image.  The favicon consists of a circular black background with a yellow / gold letter C in place of the full click name. If you would like to see the full website with our work for Click VM why not visit their website which is

Best UPVC Solutions Logo

This is one of our own creations. We were set the task of creating a logo for a double glazing directory and recommendation site with the url, which obviously gave us a fairly obvious idea for logo inspiration. The url by the way stands for “best UPVC solutions”  and is a site which is based in the United Kingdom. It may have been more niche specific to have ignored the obvious and designed something which vaguely hinted at windows, doors, conservatories and things that are actually related to the site subject matter, but we went with our gut and thought we would create a simple and bold image designed around, of all things, a bus!

best upvc logo

The site consists of a main home page along with individual pages for individual towns where the most reputable and trusted double glazing supplier and fitter is listed and reviewed with a full business description and information about their services, their location and obviously links to their website and other details, outlining why they are the best UPVC company in that particular town or city.

We took our starting design idea from a side on photograph of a London double decker bus, providing an excellent rectangular block to work with and begin manipulating to fit the brief. We stuck with the bright red colour of the double decker in the photo and used this as the majority colour for the design. We also incorporated a black in the design for the wheels. From there we basically chipped away a few sections of the red block so that you could identify the individual letter spelling out “BUS” nd conveniently the top indent of the “S” looked remarkably like the top rear window of a classic route master.   the back upper side of the letter “B” was cut at a slight angle to give the outline a little better form and the black wheels were added in to cut out arches, rather than simply overlayed on to the red letters which give the overall design a much crisper and coherent look. We were very pleased with the overall effect of this logo and considering it only took a short amount of time it has a great look and fits the bill perfectly.


Welcome to Peadab designs. We love design, particularly logo’s, branding and website design. Here we’ll look at established well known brands and the background and processes behind their creation and development. We’ll also reference some of our own design projects which we are particularly proud of.