Best UPVC Solutions Logo

This is one of our own creations. We were set the task of creating a logo for a double glazing directory and recommendation site with the url, which obviously gave us a fairly obvious idea for logo inspiration. The url by the way stands for “best UPVC solutions”  and is a site which is based in the United Kingdom. It may have been more niche specific to have ignored the obvious and designed something which vaguely hinted at windows, doors, conservatories and things that are actually related to the site subject matter, but we went with our gut and thought we would create a simple and bold image designed around, of all things, a bus!

best upvc logo

The site consists of a main home page along with individual pages for individual towns where the most reputable and trusted double glazing supplier and fitter is listed and reviewed with a full business description and information about their services, their location and obviously links to their website and other details, outlining why they are the best UPVC company in that particular town or city.

We took our starting design idea from a side on photograph of a London double decker bus, providing an excellent rectangular block to work with and begin manipulating to fit the brief. We stuck with the bright red colour of the double decker in the photo and used this as the majority colour for the design. We also incorporated a black in the design for the wheels. From there we basically chipped away a few sections of the red block so that you could identify the individual letter spelling out “BUS” nd conveniently the top indent of the “S” looked remarkably like the top rear window of a classic route master.   the back upper side of the letter “B” was cut at a slight angle to give the outline a little better form and the black wheels were added in to cut out arches, rather than simply overlayed on to the red letters which give the overall design a much crisper and coherent look. We were very pleased with the overall effect of this logo and considering it only took a short amount of time it has a great look and fits the bill perfectly.