CDS Logo

We were asked to come up with a simple and strong logo design for a drainage company named Complete Drainage Services. Clearly it needed to be fitting to a hands on and professional trade such as drain services so we obviously bypassed any soft or overly intricate designs and steered well clear of pastel colours and anything to pretentious. We settled on a classic and traditional font and decided to use only the abbreviated initials of the company to make it easier for headed paper and vans and so on. However it still needed a little something to give it a little originality and hint to what the service was so we decided to incorporate a water drop silhouette placed inside the curve of the letter c of the logo. This gave the logo a little more substance. We think you’ll agree when it comes to blocked drains it can be tricky to think of anything overly attractive or artistic to use in branding or advertising so a water drop felt like a safe bet and an easily understandable and recognisable one at that! If you are in need of their expertise why not take a look at their website:

Blocked drains London CDS Logo

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