Another little site that we have put together is E-Mondial which is a useful recommendation website for plumbing services in various locations in Plymouth county, Massachusetts, USA. at present it details the best or most highly regarded Plumbers in Wareham MA and also for another town in the area Duxbury MA.

For the site logo we decided to firstly keep it very simply and practical looking. We also decided that a blue colouring would be the most suitable for a plumbing themed service as it obviously implies water. We settled on a darker almost electric blue which contains hints of purple. This was the only colour used as the logo will in most cases be placed on to a white background so the contrast would always be quite strong. For the site favicon we used the capital E of the logo but placed it within a matching coloured circle with a clear backing. I think the effect we were going for is projected quite well and since this is a practice site so only a creative exercise we didn’t really want to spend too much time and certainly minimal money of the designs.

plumber in plymouth county To finish the logo off a rounded rectangle was positioned around the text to give the image a stamp kind of look. We think it is a nice and recognizable design and purveys the intended image and purpose.

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